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Activities & Workshops

July 16th – July 19th, 2018

Party Island:  Inspired by 2017 hit movies “Trolls” & “Moana” , join us for a week long of adventures of exploring rhythm and creativity through the art of movement.  Creating crafts that are inspired by the character of the “Trolls” & “Moana”.  The “Party Island”  FUN WEEK  is Mon. – Thurs. from 9 am – 12 pm, snack is included.  Students are to wear comfortable clothing and activities are done in bare feet.

July 23rd – 26th , 2018

Leap For The Stars:  Watch your young star become the dream they have been dreaming of in the “Leap For The Stars” Fun Week inspired by the movie LEAP!  A film about  a young girl’s determination to become a ballerina.  This Fun Week is focused on ballet and jazz dance techniques.  Each day your young performer will experience a ballet and jazz class, craft, and choreography.   The “Leap For The Stars” FUN WEEK is Mon – Thurs. from 9 am – 12 pm, snack is included.  Students are to wear a BLACK leotard, PINK tights, BLACK shorts, BLACK Jazz shoes, and PINK ballet slippers.

July 30th –  Aug 2nd , 2018

Cartwheels & Round-Off Week:  Upside down and all around.  Perfect your cartwheels and round-off in the “Cartwheel & Round-Off” Fun Week!  Each day your child will strengthen their body by learning how to balance their body upside down and enhance their flexibility daily.  The “Cartwheel & Round-Off” FUN WEEK is  Mon – Thurs 9am – 12pm, snack is included. Students are to wear a leotard ( any color) and shorts or leggings. ​

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