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FAQ's of River City

What should we expect of our first class?
At the time of arrival you will be greeted  by one of our team members.  At that time, we will discuss our performing arts methods to assure the right path for you and/or your child.  You will be guided through our studio space and if you have any questions we will answer them.  Each perspective student may drop in on any class  they are considering.  The student will experience the joys of the performing arts that every River City student recieves each week! ( Drop-in/ Trial Class Rate is $ 15.00 per class which is deduted from tuition if enrolled.

How long is a typical dance season?

Our dance season follows the school year. (10 Months)  Each season begins in September and ends with our Spring Recital in June. ​​ We accept students throughout our entire season, however, students that register after February are usually unable to perform in the recital.

When is tuition due and how much do I owe?

​​Tuition is due on the 25th of each month and is considered late after the 30th of the month and ranges from $ 55.00- $ 90.00 per month per class.  Please Click Here to visit our Tuition Page for specific prices.

How can my dancer join the Performance Company?
We hold auditions in August of each dance year for our Company.  We also may accept members throughout the season​​​.

If we missed class last week, do I still have to pay full tuition?
Yes, student absences do not affect tuition prices. Tuition is based on a yearly cost and is divided into 10 monthly payments for convenience.  Tuition remains the same whether it is a short 2 week month or a long 5 week month​​.

How old does my dancer have to be to start taking classes?
We offer classes for ages 3 and up in dance and ages 6 and up for vocal lessons!​​
 Click Here to view our programs.

How much will costumes cost?
On average, our recreational class performance package $135.00 for the first class.​​
To View Our 'Performance Package" Details click here! 

" River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre is about the child - not the performance.  They are about teaching the child - not degrading them.  They are about embracing the child - not ignoring them.  For these reasons and many more, I believe I have found the perfect place for my daughter to learn and enjoy dance! "

- River City Parent