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“It is the perfect combination of amazing choreography, creativity, and technique taught in a smaller, nurturing company of professionals who have become our extended family.  We are grateful for our experiences and hope to continue with River City for years to come!" 

- River City Parent

"Let's Go Beyond The Dream!"

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Hear From Our Families & Students

"We are so happy that we are with your studio! I love seeing the dancers enjoy dancing, enjoy being together. Big family atmosphere. "

-River City Parent

"Miss  Ami is a positive light in the kids' lives.  My son has had a great time in ballet and tap.  He's so excited about the recital!"

- River City Parent

" River City is where I found my love of dance and where I learned I wanted to get better and perform for people while trying to smile with my entertainment.  Thank you for helping me find my passion. "

- River City Student

"My daughter and I have been to several dance studios in the local area and have left due to dissatisfaction but my daughters love of dance was more obvious than ever before! From the point of inquiry, registration, reminders and correspondence, down to first day has been such a breath of fresh air! We were greeted properly and my daughter felt so confident when she left my side to enter her class! The instructor Ami is simply amazing and such a beautiful spirit! We plan to be a part of the River City family for a long time! I trust Ami and her team to be able to mold my daughter into the dancer and performer I know she is destined to become!! I want to thank Ami for her professionalism and guidance on this amazing dance journey!!"
~River City Parent

" My daughter is gaining more confidence each week and it's great! "

- River City Parent 

" I was very pleased with the caliber of the sessions offered, the appropriateness of the music selections and costume attire for the children, the expertise of Miss Ami and the consistent high level of professionalism demonstrated.  My child absolutely loved it and  River City Dance is truly a gem here in our city!  "

​- River City Parent

Why Do You Love River City?

" Because the teachers are PERFECT! "

- River City Student 

" River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre is about the child - not the performance.  They are about teaching the child - not degrading them.  They are about embracing the child - not ignoring them.  For these reasons and many more, I believe I have found the perfect place for my daughter to learn and enjoy dance! "

- River City Parent