Our Mission:

" River City Dance & Performing Arts Theatre offers young performers additional opportunities to perform in and out of our community. The Performance Company provides a platform for dancers and/or aspiring dancers that are dedicated to dance, have  a strong passion for dance, and  possess the ability to shine within multiple stage settings.  We focus on healthy competition and uplifting each of the dancers’ spirit by creating dances that reflect  the potential that we see within them. "

" At This Moment "

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge  | Gold | Beauty & Grace Award

Sheer Talent | Gold 

Showstoppers | Gold | 1st Place Lyrical Duet |  3rd Place Overall

" Can't Touch This "

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge | Gold | Entertainment Award

Sheer Talent | Platinum | Sheer Enthusiasm & Choreography Award

Showstoppers | Gold | 1st Place Hip-Hop Small Group | 6th Place Overall

" I Am"

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge |  High Gold | Focus Award

Sheer Talent | Gold

Showstoppers | Platinum | 1st Place Contemporary Solo | 2nd Place Overall 

" Les Disparus "

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge  |  Gold  

Sheer Talent | Gold

Showstoppers | Platinum | 1st Place Contemporary Small Group | 1st Place Overall 

" Live Wire"

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge  | High Gold 

Sheer Talent | Gold 

Showstoppers | Platinum | 1st Place Jazz Small Group | 2nd Place Overall

" Rockin Tha Party "

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge  | Gold | Showmanship Award

Sheer Talent | Gold | Sheer Charisma Awar​d

Showstoppers | Platinum | 1st Place Jazz Solo | 4th Place Overall

" Tail Feathers "

Hall Of Fame Dance Challenge  | High Gold 

Sheer Talent | Platinum | 5th Place Overall

Showstoppers | Platinum | 1st Place Musical Theater Duet | 2nd Place Overall

“It is the perfect combination of amazing choreography, creativity, and technique taught in a smaller, nurturing company of professionals who have become our extended family.  We are grateful for our experiences and hope to continue with River City for years to come!  “

- River City Parent

What A Beautiful Season ladies!  We are so Proud of you!

What does it mean to Be a Peacock?

“Like a peacock, your beauty is multiplied when you spread your wings and show the world your stuff!  Don’t be afraid to be who you are, each peacock feather is flawed & imperfect but collectively they create something of great beauty.  Your flaws are what make you perfect!” 

Performance Company Performance Schedule coming soon!

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Performance Company


2017-2018 Competition Results