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Thriving Artist : Tier 1 

Thriving Artist : Tier 2     

Thriving Artist : Tier 3 

Thriving Artist

Are you ready for you child to take it to the next  level and to see where the performing arts can take them?  Are you thinking about having the ability to explore the arts in higher education or on a professional level?  River City's "Thriving Artist" program may be the best fit for you. These students take their craft seriously and are truly seeking a long lasting relationship with dance for higher education and/or on a professional level.  Our "Thriving Artist" take 3 classes per week based on their performing arts track, receive one on one advisement from our director, teacher training, and choreography education.  Let's take you where you dream of going in River City's "Thriving Artist" program! 

Select Two

Musical Theater Tap - Jazz,  or Performance 


 Contemporary/ Modern, & 

Performance Company

Contemporary/ Modern,  

Pre-Pointe/ Pointe & Performance Company

Required Class

Ballet 1

Ballet 2/3

Ballet 3 

Ages: 9+ yrs old

" River City is where I found my love of dance and where I learned I wanted to get better and perform for people while trying to smile with my entertainment.  Thank you for helping me find my passion. "

- River City Student


2019 -2020 Season "Shining Artist" Class Schedule